Charnel House – The Curtain Closes for a final time

After careful consideration, we at Charnel House have decided that after October 2016 we will be drawing the curtains on Charnel House for the final time.

We will continue monthly until October, and then, no more…

When we originally started in 1999 it was just a small event, somewhere to go for people who like bands associated with the Gothic genres that you couldn’t really hear anywhere else.

At many times in our early years people said we wouldn’t last 6 months – and – well – 17 years later…

It’s been a very good innings. Club nights have a fairly limited shelf-life and for us to clock up 17 years is a massive achievement we are very proud of. We have seen many other nights come and go in our long tenure – both locally and nationally, and we now believe it is time for Charnel House to join them, to march into the pages of history with head held high (well, okay, gothic-3 step it’s way into the pages of history while gazing at it’s shoes and listening to the cure, if you prefer).

Over the 17 years we’ve had many highs and lows – some things that between us we’re proud of include, but are not limited to;
Running a band event for Prime Time BBC,
Bringing bands like Cruxshadows to Newcastle for the first time and bands like The March Violets, Christian Death and Skeletal Family to Newcastle for the first times after a long period of time,
Running a huge Masquerade Ball in Whitby (a sell out event!)
and between us we’ve done many guest DJ slots in conjunction with the night in cities such as London, Liverpool, Leeds, Belfast, Colchester, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest… yes… we’ve had our DJs in Translyvania… we’ve also had award-winning online radio shows, helped produce TWF Magazine and even put out our own CD… we’ve been busy 😉

As said above – we plan to continue to run until October. This makes our remaining dates : May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th, September 3rd and finally October 1st.

We wanted to give our supporters notice, to give you the option to make plans to come along, should you wish. We also elected to make the last night October as our November date would have clashed with WGW and December is always a tricky month.

I’m sure we’ll say this again in the next few months – but – genuinely – thank you for all your support over the years. We wouldn’t have made it this far without the support you lot have given us – some people have followed us the whole time, but anyone who has given us any support at all has been the difference between us being here or not.

We look forward to the next 6 months proud of what we’ve achieved over the past 17 years – but the time we all knew, deep down, must come some day is, we believe, finally here. Nothing lasts forever, we hope you have had as much fun as we have.