Charnel House Playlist April 7th 2012

This is the playlist from April 7th.   Join us again on May 5th at Butlers for another night of Gothic-Rock and Post-Punk.    Don’t forget, Ghost and Queenie are both spinning at the Met in Whitby over Whitby Gothic Weekend.   We will do a small news piece on that in the next couple of days 🙂


The Cure – Pictures of you
Billy Idol – Eyes without a face
Cocteau twins – Blind, dumb, deaf
Echo and the bunnymen – A promise
Danse society – Heaven is waiting

Kev 36663

Killing Joke – In Cythera
Lebanon Hanover – Einhorn
The sisters of mercy – Heartland
Play dead – the Tenant
The Chapman family – Something I can’t get out
Ulterior – Sex, cars, sex, war, sex
Faderhead – Older now


Momento mori UK – Abandon Hope
Pro-Jekt – Next world
Mortis – Parasite God
The Last dance – Distantly
Nightchild – Dreammaster
The Merry thoughts – Pale empress
Medicine Rain – Put out fire


The Necromancer

Solar Fake – Under the sky
Nightwish – I want my tears back
Mono Inc – Voices of doom
Faderhead – The Way to Fuck God

(the next two tracks are illegible due to some damage to the playlist sheet)



Soft cell – Sex Dwarf ®
Japan – Quite life
Duran Duran – Planet Earth ®
Jagged – Damned don’t cry ®
David Bowie – Scary monsters (and super creeps)
Bauhaus – Kick in the eye ®
Visage – Fade to grey
Depeche mode – New Life
The Smiths – This charming man
Siouxsie and the banshees – spellbound
Iggy and the stooges – Passenger
Jace Everett- Bad Things


The Sisters of mercy – Lucretia, my reflection
The Cure – Boys don’t cry
The Cult – (she sells) Sanctuary
The Ruts – Babylons burning
The Damned – Neat, neat, neat
Adam and the ants – Kings of the wild frontier
Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love ®
Faderhead – Fistful of Fuck You
Placebo – Nancy boy
Lord of the lost – Bad romance
Nine inch nails – Sin
Rammstein – Du Hast


Utah saints – Something Good
Laughing us – Relax
Electric 6 – Danger! High Voltage
sisters of Mercy – Vision thing
Suspiria – Allegedly dancefloor tragedy
The marionettes – Ave Dementia
The Bolshoi – Away
The Cure – Love Cats ®
New Model Army – Vengeance ®