Charnel House January Sale

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – the first ever Charnel House January sale.

What’s this then, how does it work?

Well – our next night is February 6th, as you’re probably aware. As normal it’s £3.50 entry. Buuut… if you ‘pre-book’ before the end of January then we’ll do it for you for £2.20. Ooh.

A lot of clubs do “early bird” and advance sales and this is our trial version of it – so – we’ve got a batch of 50 tickets listed on and they’ll be available at £2 (plus 20p fee) until either (a) they’re all gone (b) January 31st. Link to get tickets.

Sounds ok? I mean, the saving is almost a pint at our bar 😉

So yes, February 6th – same great mix of music – same great night – but now with cheaper early bird options – but strictly til the end of Jan, else it’s £3.50 on the door.


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