Charnel House does Whitby!


A little bit news for anyone going down to Whitby over Goth weekend,

There are a lot of great events around Whitby over the weekend, from the main Spa event to assorted official and unofficial fringe events – one unofficial event is DV8 Fest, which is held at Colliseum and they have assorted bands and clubs on over the weekend.

On Saturday 2nd November, our DJs (Ghost, Queenie and Kev) will be DJing as part of an aftershow for the event – alongside DJ Hamster from Deviation in York.

We’re very excited to be returning to Whitby in a DJ capacity for this event – and we know many people have asked if we’d be DJing somewhere and… well… we are.

What we’ll be playing is pretty much in line with what we’d normally play at Charnel House : Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Darkwave, etc. Both Classics and New Releases.  You can see our playlists (here : ) for an example of what we do.


The night starts at 10pm – so plenty of time to go elsewhere first if you want and still come to us – and is priced very reasonably at £4.  We’ll be on until after 12. (End time tbc) bargain.

Alternatively, you get in free if you have a DV8 ticket for the Saturday.

Tickets for the Saturday are £10 and for that you get acoustic sets from Miles&Erica of the Wonderstuff and also Simon York.  The bands will be on between 7pm-10pm

Don’t forget Charnel House will be on as normal, in Butlers, on November 9th and also December 7th for the Christmas Party – 2014 dates TBC.