Charnel House Christmas Party Returns – with Dyonisis !

Two exciting pieces of Charnel House rolled into one.

Because of the way our schedule has re-jiggled we’ve ended up dropping the Christmas Party for assorted reasons.  Generally, we found numbers to be getting lower due to things like being too close to Christmas or clashing with Office Christmas Parties and the likes.

However, we know many regulars have wished to see this night re-instated and if we’re honest : so would we.

So, we’re going to give it another go.

December 7th 2013

At Butlers as usual, kicking off 6.30pm.

But, there’s more…

To make it a little bit more than “Charnel House with Tinsel” we’ve thought about things to make it special.

One band that’s been a true favourite that we’ve had here has been DYONISIS – certainly their show at Charnel House in 2010 was one of the busiest nights we’ve had…

Well… we’re thrilled to report they’re coming back and will be playing as part of the Charnel House night.




For this night – entry will be £5.  For an evening of great entertainment from

your normal CH, plus a cracking live band – we think that’s good value – we’re also working on a few extras – such as complimentary Mince Pies and snacks.

You can pay £5 on the door on the night, or we can give you an advance ticket – you can buy one at the next Charnel House on November 9th, from the store on our website, from Reflex Records or Hot Rats or online from and

Hope you’re excited.  We are.