Charnel House August 2012 Playlist

Here’s our playlist from last Saturday night, we’re back on September 1st ๐Ÿ™‚

Kev 36663
Miserylab โ€“ Done to death
She wants revenge โ€“ Kiss me
The spiritual bat โ€“ Once upon a time
Suicidal romance โ€“ Words that change everything
Heavy Current โ€“ Rat Race
Apoptygma Bezerk โ€“ Coma white
Celldweller โ€“ Blackstar



Coctea Twins โ€“ The hollow men
Dyonisis โ€“ smart mouth
Xmal Deutchalnd โ€“ Qual ยฎ
Skeletal Family โ€“ Far and near
Echo and the Bunnymen โ€“ Nocturnal me
The editors โ€“ Blood
Joy Division โ€“ Isolation



Pink turns blue โ€“ Can’t be love
Former Ghosts โ€“ New Orleans
Peter Murphy โ€“ The prince and old lady shade
O Children โ€“ Dead disco dancer
Batz in the belfry โ€“ Speak
Suspiria โ€“ Allegedly dance floor tragedy
Sisters of mercy โ€“ Floorshow

Siouxsie and the banshees โ€“ The Staircase mystery
Bauhaus โ€“ Passion of lovers
Creaming Jesus โ€“ Lillies
The Pixies โ€“ Where’s my mind ยฎ
Placebo โ€“ Julien
The Cruxshadows โ€“ Marilyn, my bitterness ยฎ
Marilyn Mansen โ€“ Tainted love
The Prodigy โ€“ omen
Rammstein โ€“ Sonne ยฎ
Angelspit โ€“ Skinny little Bitch
Faderhead โ€“ Dirtygirrrls, dirtybois



Japan โ€“ Quiet life ยฎ
Furniture โ€“ Brilliant mind
New order โ€“ temptation
The cure โ€“ The walk
The lotus eaters โ€“ First picture of you
Aztec Camera โ€“ Oblivious
Human league โ€“ Sound of the crowd
David Bowie โ€“ Boys keep swinging
Gang of Four โ€“ I love a man in uniform
Dead or alive โ€“ That’s the way I like it
Gary Numan โ€“ I die, You die
Depeche mode โ€“ See you



Balaam and the angel โ€“ I feel love ยฎ
Rosetta Stone โ€“ Adrenaline
Sisters of mercy โ€“ This corrosion
Lords of the new church โ€“ dance with me
The Chameleons โ€“ Swamp thing
The Marionettes โ€“ Ave Dementia
The Bolshoi โ€“ A way
Daniel Dax โ€“ Big hollow man
Sex Gang children โ€“ Sebastiane
Bauhaus โ€“ Lagartija Nick
O Children โ€“ Ruins



Lebanon Hanover โ€“ totally tot
Sisters of Mercy โ€“ Marian ยฎ
The Mission โ€“ Wasteland
OMD โ€“ Enola Gay ยฎ
Tubeway army โ€“ Are friends electric?
Duran Durna โ€“ Planet Earth ยฎ
Soft Cell โ€“ Sex dwarf
Siouxsie and the banshees โ€“ Hong Kong Garden
The Cult โ€“ (She sells) Sanctuary
Fields of the Nephilim โ€“ Moon child