CH Recommends : Alexa De Strange


Continuing our features on recommended shows that our regulars, or people who like what we do, would enjoy – we look ahead to this Thursday, 7th March, when London-based Alexa De Strange make a trip up North.

They’re playing Trillians with popular local act Fallen Mafia.

There’s a mix of influences goes into the music of ADS – hints of Danielle Dax, David Bowie, Toyah and a sprinkle of glitter and glam.

They’ve been working away for the past few years, building up a reputation and playing a mixture of shows – decent support sets, cool headline shows and a triumphant visit to Whitby.

Their debut album ‘Who Killed Simon Cowell?’ is in production – and this is a tour to help support this release.

Tickets are £6 in advance, available from Trillians or Fallen Mafia.

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