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  • New World Darkness Playlist 27.03.12

    Here it was… hot on the announcement of the new Cruxshadows tour. Until next Tuesday, 8pm-9pm

    Cruxshadows – Valkyrie
    Killing Joke – In Cythera
    Eisenfunk – Pestilenz
    Ministry – Kleptocracy
    Faderhead – Swedish Models and Cocaine
    Escape with Romeo – Everyone Against Everyone
    Lyriel – Parting
    WormZ – Braindance
    Surgyn – Pressure
    Killing Joke – Colony Collapse
    Freakangel – Used
    Alterred – And We Disappear



  • Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show Playlsit March 20th 2012

    Joy division – Love will tear us apart
    Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia my reflection
    Phantom Visions – Ancient Dream
    Pink Turns Blue – Can’t be Long
    Corrosion – Resurrection Playground
    Peter Murphy – Memory Go
    New Model Army – Bittersweet
    Rubella Ballet – Mummy
    Romance – The Light
    Ending the Vicious Cycle – 1000 words
    Rubico – Unspoken
    RazorBladeKisses – Pretty Dead Doll
    Alien Sex Fiend – clockwork Bannana
    Play Dead – Poison Takes a hold
    Theatre of hate – Future World
    TMTWNBBFN – Victorias secret
    Sisters of Mercy – Alice
    Department S – Is Vic There

    next sure 6pm on March 27th 2012 only on www.1Radio.org


  • New World Darkness Playlist 20.03.12

    Another great week.  Thanks again.  I’ll be with you again on Tuesday 27th March at 8pm on www.1Radio.org – but please tune in from 6pm, as Ghost is on first.

    My playlist from tonight, 20th March, was…

    Eisenfunk – Super Space Invaders
    Faderhead – Fistful of Fuck You
    Surgyn – Sharp As Stars
    The Exploding Boy – Dark City
    Deconbrio – Misbehave
    Miss FD – Infatuated
    Spucktute – I Blame the Human League
    Lyriel – White Lily
    The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing – Brunel
    Faderhead – Swedish Models and Cocaine
    Everything Goes Cold – Monsters of the Modern Age (Ray Gun Remix by Uberbyte)
    Inure – The Offering
    Eisbrecher – Verruckt

    til next time…. enjoy the new Faderhead vid…



  • New World Darkness Playlist 13.03.2012

    This was the playlist from last night – I’m on next at 8pm on the 20th March on www.1Radio.org – following Ghost’s show at 6pm.

    Zeitgeist Zero – When the Lights Go Down
    Lyriel – Leverage
    Lord of the Lost – Bad Romance
    The Exploding Boy – Sweet Little Lies
    Eisbrecher – Die Holle Muss Warten
    The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Margate Fhtagn
    SadDolls – Bloodred
    Spucktute – I Blame the Human League
    Deconrbio – Bearing Your Sins
    Lyriel – Star of the County Down
    Lebanon Hanover – Einhorn
    The Eden House – Neversea



  • New World Darkness Playlist 06/03/12

    Combichrist – Never Surrender
    Rabia Sorda – What U Get is What U see
    Zeromancer – It Sounds Like Love (But Looks Like Sex)
    The Exploding Boy – Dark City
    SadDolls – Bloodred
    Lebanon Hanover – Die World
    the NIGHTCHILD – Dreammaster
    Everything Goes Cold – The Iron Fist of Just Destruction
    Inure – The Offering
    Celldweller – Elara
    Zeitgeist Zero – United in Black
    The Frozen Autumn – Before the Storm

    Back next Tuesday 8pm-9pm on www.1Radio.org



  • New World Darkness playlist 28/02/12

    Here we go – next show is next Tuesday, 8pm-9pm on www.1radio.org

    Zeitgeist Zero – Self Control
    Lord of the Lost – October 29
    Deconbrio – Misbehave
    Inure – The Call
    Mindless Faith – You Don’t Know Shit
    Staubkind – Kannst du mich seh’n
    Bondage Fairies – Morphine
    Zeitgeist Zero – When the Lights Go Down
    Mono Inc – Tired of the Day
    Rammstein – Engel
    Megaherz – Jagdzeit
    The Beauty of Gemina – Prophecy



  • Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show Feb 28th

    O Children – Dead Disco Dancer
    The Cult – Rise
    Balaam and the Angel – The Wave
    We Came from Waters – We Came from Waters
    The Sisters of Mercy – Marian
    Play Dead – Sin of Sins
    The Foreign Resort – Take a Walk
    The Alarm – 68 guns
    Theatre of Hate – Communication Ends
    Manuskript – No Reprise
    Pretentious Moi? – Living, Dead, or Undecided
    Christine Play Viola – Permutations
    Jame Ray’s Gangwar – Mountain voices
    Rebentisch – Befreien
    Eternal Nightmare – The Worst Day in History
    Cromax International – Electric Pussy Boogie
    The Scary Bitches – Lesbian Vampires from Outer Space
    Zeitgeist Zero – The Grudge
    Momento Mori UK – Cold Lane
    Xmal Deutchland – Orient
    The March Violets – Walk into the Sun

    Next week’s shows will be broadcast at the unusual times of 23.00-midnight on Tuesday and 18.00 – 20.00 on Wednesday.


  • New World Darkness Radio Playlist 21/02/12

    Playlist from Kev’s New World Darkness Radio show from 21/02/12

    Next show, 8pm-9pm on 28/02/12 on www.1radio.org

    Lord of the Lost – Bad Romance
    Eisbrecher – Verruckt
    Zeromancer – Revengefuck
    Deconbrio – Bearing Your Sins
    Celldweller – The Lucky One
    The Beauty of Gemina – Golden Age
    Down Below – Zeichen
    Lord of the Lost – Beyond Beautiful
    Roterfeld – I Would Rather Ride Into Hell
    Deconbrio – The Noise
    SadDolls – Amanda Blood
    L’Ame Immortelle – Why Can’t I Make You Feel


  • Screams From the Charnel House Radio Show Feb 21st

    Clan of Xymox – Emily
    Uninvited Guest -Beautiful Orchid
    Wolfsheim -Heroin she said
    Sisters of mercy – First and last and always
    Phantom Visions – Please please please
    Seventh Harmonic – Aiode
    Pete Murphy – See Saw Sway
    Silver Rocket -The Worst is yet to come
    New Model Army -Small Time England
    We Came from Waters -Android
    Beuty of Gemina – Seven day wonder
    Siouxsie & the Banshees – Arabain nights
    Play dead – Sin of sins
    The Knutz -Ghost dance party
    Red lorry yellow lorry -Hands off me
    Rubella Ballet -Every Second counts
    Alien Sex fiend – Dead and buried
    Theatre of Hate – I can see
    Fear of darkness – After the Fire
    Deuxvolt – Dance with Ghosts
    KMFDM – Krank

    The Next Screams from the Charnel House radio show will be at 6pm till 8pm on Tuesday 28th Feb 2012 on www.1radio.org