5 Good Reasons to come see Modulate

It’s little over a few days away until the fantastic Modulate / Surgyn / Outsight show at Trillians (Oct 30th)
A few of you still need some convincing – but here are 5 good reasons to come…
Starting with the obvious…
(1) Modulate
They’ve toured with many large bands, done successful headline tours, festival appearances, you name it…. but they’ve never actually played Newcastle.
They’re bringing the full headline show along with a great set.
Modulate were always a good band – they had some great club hits (Skullfuck) and collaborations (w/ Faderhead) and they earned their reputation with hard work, energetic stage shows and a great array of tracks.
However, with the recent ‘Robots’ EP they’re pretty much showing they’re far from done and their best is indeed yet to come.


(2) Surgyn
I know for some of you lot, Surgyn are a draw within themselves. As much as I can gush about Modulate, for some they are merely an ‘added bonus’ to the return of Surgyn.
Within Newcastle Surgyn have built up a great reputation, their cutting industrial tracks and visual

show. They won you over with Angelspit, woo’d you with Eisenfunk and when they played with Combichrist they threatened to upstage the entire bill.
They’ve made a lot of friends here – and for a good reason!
Of course, some of you might be a little “oh, well, I’ve seen them a coupla times already” which is fair commentary… but… they come with new songs and some special surprises…. ooh… surprises.
(3) Outsight
It almost pains me that these are ‘only’ reason number 3 – cos they’re better than that. Seriously. I think there’s a lot of talent in Newcastle at the minute. Some of the bands are at different phases for example – Angel Grinder and The Devastator Project are at an early stage finding their feet – but Outsight are a real gem. Slightly forgotten about for no good reason! you’ve not seen them before, it will be a great opportunity to – and if you have then, well, they’ll be better!

I don’t want to repeat what I said for Modulate (always a good band, but now they’re better) but it’s pretty true. Go… go listen to ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’… now! It’s like “fuck me, that’s good!” yes it’s fucking great and most of the UK industrial scene are like “who is this fantastic band, why hadn’t we heard of them before now?” yes, they’re probably the UK’s best kept secret.
They don’t play live that often, so as well it’s a rare chance to see them.

(4) This is Hallowe’en
Well, technically, it’s Hallowe’en’en. Which is an added bonus. At Charnel House we used to have the Hallowe’en party, but this has become a bit tricky due to the way dates have fell around things like Whitby etc.
But thinking about it – although the likes of Legends have their annual Hallowe’en party – this is the first dedicated Hallowe’en event for the Industrial crowd, in Newcastle, going back to the Snake Bite and Black Hallowe’en parties nearly 10 years ago!

Seriously – it’s been a decade!

Of course, this does keep the 31st free for you to have other Hallowe’en plans!

(5) Exceedingly good value
3 excellent bands (all killer, no filler) Newcastle debuts, old friends returning, rare performances…. all for a tenner.
And of course it’s in Trillians, so reasonable priced bar and no sticky carpets – huzzah!
If you’ve got your tickets –see you there – if not – advance tickets can be picked up from : http://www.thecharnelhouse.com/store/ – and also Reflex Records, Hot Rats, Beatdown, RPM, www.seetickets.com www.ticketweb.co.uk