2014 Dates

As usual, following our December event we take a break for January (it just doesn’t really work out – unpredictable weather coupled with Christmas blowing a hole in everyone’s budgets…) so our first 3 events for 2014 are : February 1st, March 1st and April 5th.

A full list can be obtained on the dates page on the website, if you need to plan long term.

Despite a slow start to the year, 2013 has been a success for us – it’s been nice to see some new faces, some returning faces and of course our regulars – we’ve now been going over 13 years and we couldn’t do this without your continued support – so, thank you.

Whatever you do over Christmas, have a good one – and we’ll look forward to see you again for many nights of Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Darkwave, Industrial and all of that from February again 🙂

Thank you.